Altered States, Locatie Z, The Hague, 2018

Four people were performing in a room with semi transparent walls built up in a space of a group exhibition. The audience was able to watch them from the outside or to enter and get in contact. The performance was a collage of the individual actions of the performers, which were developed prior to the event.

The set up aims to initiate a spontaneous situation which is related to daily life but at the same time transcends it though concentration and decontextualisation. The room serves as safe space for the performers to disclose an intimate part of their life. At the same time it separates the audience from their safe environment. A space in-between the private life of the performers and the exhibition routine of the audience, dreamlike, where both can meet. 

The actions of the performers were constructed starting from the question: How does spirituality appear in your daily life? The final action was part of their identity which they felt comfortable to disclose to an audience.

Rene works as a gardener. Once a week he volunteers in a Osho Center, where he teaches various meditation techniques. Inspired by the format of the work he developed his own performance to show the relationship of gardening, meditation and death. Valentina is a tailor. Since many years she is engaged in various New Age practices. While working at her sawing machine she likes to listen to yoga teachings. Valentina chose to make meditation trousers for the performers and the visitors during the event. Jamal works as a cook. He sees his relationship to spirituality in the psychedelic experience. He decided to sell chips to the audience and get into conversation about psychedelics. The 14 years old Marcel could not relate to the idea of spirituality. However he explained that playing video games always brings him in to an other world. Various spontaneous interactions happened among the performers and between performers and audience.